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In printing and dying, food packaging, wood, paper and printing, shoes production, electronics and other industries, etc, you can find a lot of applications of kinds of mesh belts and PTFE Teflon coated fiberglass fabric. Honestek has been creating better belting solutions, and we recognize that the key to customer satisfaction and our long term success is to anticipate customer needs and develop new technologies and innovative solutions that provide our customers with a distinct competitive advantage.

Our products include:

Polyester mesh belt
PTFE Teflon fiberglass open mesh belt
PTFE Teflon fiberglass fabric
PTFE Adhesive fabric and tape
PTFE Fusing machine belt
PTFE Kevlar series
PTFE Membrane material
…and more


◇ Working temperature tolerated for Teflon belt: -70 to 260 °C
◇ Corrosion Resistance
◇ Wear resistance
◇ Low friction
◇ Adhesive
◇ nontoxic