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Together we can make belts better 2020/6/1    

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Honestek continue to prove its commitment to being an innovation-driven, results-oriented, well-managed company. We always listen to and collaborate with our customers, generate ideas for new products and services, develop the right designs and technologies, establish the manufacturing structure, and provide marketing, sales, and customer service supports.

Here are just a few examples:

◇ Honestek high antistatic cross lapper belt, ensure high stability and long service life with special coating together with high tension fabric member

◇ Honestek self-lubricated treadmill belts, now it is maintenance free, no silicone oil needed for the belt life time

◇ Honestek low-noise commercial treadmill belts, you will feel better due to the extremely low belt running noise

Whatever you need for your new products development, or you need some special characters of the belts, just call our salespeople, leave your message on line, or send a mail to us, our professional service team will work out best solutions for you.