As a leading enterprise in the field of power transmission and conveyor belts,Oliderhas been closely cooperating with customers for many years, timely launching high-quality products that meet practical applications. This customer-oriented service spirit has enabled us to successfully apply in textile, food, logistics and distribution, wood industry, mechanical manufacturing, building materials, electronic appliances, printing and packaging, tobaccoMultiple industries such as metal processing and rubber[View Details]

  • 轻型输送带
  • 平面传动带
  • 链板 & 网带链
  • 圆带&其它
  • PU同步带
  • 网带&特氟龙密织布
  • 工具设备

疫情让我们更团结---奥立德竭诚为新老客户服务20年 2020/6/1    

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